These were completed earlier this year but I forgot to post them here. Enjoy!

This one involved geometry tracking (PFTrack) for full head replacement. FaceRobot was used in production for the first time. The original plan was to use the automatic lipsyncing feature (introduced in Soft 2011) to save us time. It did work, but the client wanted 1:1 lip performance with what the actor did so in the end we didn’t use much of the automatic lipsync.

I rigged the popcorn/kernel guy and helped set up the rigidbody simulation of the M&M’s pouring at the end. — Also wrote a little Python script to do a fair randomization of all 6 colours. You’d run it after the sim was happy to make sure the colours were random but in equal amounts.

I did the ICE instances setup for the lights and the rig of the lumpy bottle at the end. — By the way, the environment is 100% CG. There was a ton of rotoscoping done to make it work. There’s something like 60 shots, almost all shot against blackness (because if it were green/blue-screen it would have shown up in the reflections.)

Hope you likey. 🙂

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  1. I’m using an attractor to move evnrhtyieg to the center. I have the lamp tubes in a cloner object with a Rigid Body tag. From here I’m trying to use a target effect to lift the tubes from one side. It works once but can’t figure out how to repeat the lift. I’m on 11.5, so I’m guessing in the animation they may be using the new spring effector to lift the tubes somehow?