Production Work

Below you can see a selection of productions I was involved in:

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  1. hay alan .your work is very extrime and nice.

  2. Hi Alan,

    I just found your work today because I was looking around for the designer of the T.Rowe Price commercials. Do you do freelance for small projects? If so, please contact me at [email protected], I have a project which will benefit greatly from your expertise. Thanks – Dee McIver.

  3. Brilliant chain control, Alan. I have had to become more TD-like now that XSI has been dumped and your tutorials are extremely appreciated.

    • You still find them useful despite being so Softimage focused?

      I’d like to revive TD Survival at some point. We got pretty bummed out because we had planned doing a full multi-week rigging course prior to the EOL announcement. Oh well…

      These days I have been doing more coding and pipeline work instead of rigging, which is fun in a different way. I’d like to do some Python and git tutorials someday.