I wanted to shamelessly plug a non-3D blog/project I started this month titled…

One Artist A Day
One Artist A Day - music recommendation blog


As the name implies, I intend on mentioning 1 (likely awesome :p) musician or band I genuinely enjoy, every single day for the forthcoming future.

It’s been almost a month so far and it’s been a fun challenge to mention artists while trying to stay away from mainstream names. After all, I want to show you music you haven’t heard before, not what’s pumping on MTV or some lousy Top40s’-like radio show. (I miss when MTV had music in it; don’t you?)

So… check out my new blog! 🙂 I will of course continue to keep this one and as soon as production slows a little where I’m working at I will be posting a backlog of educational content I have been meaning to submit for a while. (I currently have 9 drafts of coolness in my WordPress waiting for you.)

Last but not least, I welcome any music suggestions if anyone’s reading this and want to leave a comment down below. I promise to give you credit and link to your blog if I use your suggestion.

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