I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because these jokes can get cheesy… However, I’m certain at least one will bring a smile to your Friday. 🙂

Check it out: http://CGjokes.com/

It all started when I wrote the very first joke (the one at the very bottom.) I wondered if I could think of more, and so I did, but then I challenged myself to come up with a one-liner every workday or so. (Quality varies as it’s hard to write brilliant ones all the time, but I try.)

I looked online for more material but only found a really old thread from CGTalk, and many of their jokes were worse than my worst. I figured, if there’s sites out there listing trigonometry or Physics jokes, why can’t we have one more just for CG-related jokes? And so it came to be.

I will eventually run out of puns so I’d like to invite you, yes you, to think of hilarious material and submit it on the site. I will review any and all that come in and publish those that make me smile or chuckle; with your name as the post author of course. (If you leave a link to your blog I’ll link you if you get posted.)

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