Here’s a little project that kept me busy for several months last year and it’s finally public domain knowledge that my employer worked on it. 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Stuff *IN* the trailer that I worked on:
    the rigging and render pipeline for the “stilts” (the mechanical contraption that attaches to the guys’ feet in all the cockpit shots) and rigged the chopper seen in a couple of the shots.
  • Stuff *NOT* in the trailer that I worked on:
    can’t tell you yet. 😉
  1. Can you verify that this movie was based on the Japanese movie, Gautika (something of that name) ?

    • Hi Christopher; I don’t know of this “Gautika” movie but Pacific is supposed to be original IP, and a roaring tribute to the monster/kaiju movie genre as a whole.

  2. If I find the link, I’ll update 🙂

    Otherwise, I look forward to the movie and I congratulate you on your role.

  3. I said I would update when I found the link;