[I shared this on the Softimage Mailing List the other day and thought it was worth posting here.]

Here’s a fun trick for parsing an ICE string attribute, identifying the letters and typing out the text with particles:
ICE string to particles
Download the sample scene here and read more about it below. (Soft 2011+ required.)

Taking this knowledge we can also do variations on the concept like turning a string into an array of booleans, for example:

ICE string to array of booleans

Let me know in the comments if you make anything cool with this technique. 🙂

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  1. Nice !!!!

  2. You have just created a message encrypter here … just change the leter order in the alphabet and you can type coded sentences 😛

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  3. Very Interesting! I have a question. How can I use this Scheme to animate titles like Cinema 4D MoGraph? For example http://www

    My current field is Motion Graphic and I love XSI but dont know how to create such titles in XSI. If you know the way please give me a tip…

  4. Hi Alan ,
    i have a big big request 😛 … can u make a short tutorial about your deformers rig?..
    that jellyfish from your reel 2006 look amazing


  5. Any advice for being able to make case sensitive sentences?

  6. […] of you may remember I wrote about some ICE trickery with strings some years ago. The other day I pondered if one could turn a string of digits into an integer or scalar (float) […]