I’ve put together a new reel. I hope you like watching it as much as I enjoy working in it. 🙂

Best enjoyed in fullscreen HD:

I’m looking for a position around Toronto and also available for freelancing.

Click here for my resume and if you’d like a 1080p quicktime download this link.

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  1. Nice work!

  2. Amazing reel – I love your facial setup! I am definitely going to work towards your level of work :]

    Thanks for getting me inspired!

  3. Hi Alan,

    fantastic work! Came across the fishes on Vimeo. Did you ever post anything on the rig and how it works on any Softimage web site? Would be interesting as I just started with 2011 to get some insight into this subject. What’s a rig, what’s simulation, etc.!?


  4. Great work and a delightful presentation. I was smiling all the way through 🙂

  5. Yes I agree with Thomas some tut about your ring setting will make a lot people so happy!! Like your work very much!

  6. Hi alan, I was SOFTIMAGE software users, but also your biggest fan, I really like your character rigs, I hope you can out of a tutorial on the rigging, while I hope you a happy life. —– MATCHZHANG

  7. Beautiful work! May I ask how you get your secondary animation in your rigs?

  8. Awesome !!!!
    Keep going with the good work sir. 😉