I wrote this simple tool for a buddy at work today. In my present employer they have a lot of Apple computers running Windows and most still have the Apple keyboard in front of them.

For those unaware, the Apple keyboard has no PrintScreen key. (On another note, they have F13 to F19 keys where normal PC keyboards stop at F12.) You could download a screenshot program of course, but they’re always convoluted. Too many options when all you truly want is the simple key.

So if you’re in Windows with an Apple keyboard, or know a friend who is, download this and pass it on. 😀

It’s just 2 lines of AHK:

There’s no interface, install or anything. You run it and it’ll sit idle in the background. Whenever you hit F15 on your shiny white Apple keyboard it will trigger the PrintScreen key. Simple as that! (To stop it, kill the process manually.)

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  1. Hi Alan, not seen AHK before, that’s pretty cool.

    Just wanted to mention that on Bootcamp with a Macbook Pro, then pressing Fn+Shift+F11 does a print screen. I’m guessing that’s a different setup to what you’re describing, but thought I’d post this here just in case someone comes here looking.

    Great site BTW.


  2. Thank you, it works PERFECTLY!!!

  3. Thank you. It’s just what I needed. Except, of course, I’d like to see it cover Alt+PrtScreen, which makes a screenshot of only the active window.

  4. Mate your a life saver. Thought I was going to have to take the keyboard back. Keep up the good work. Nick

  5. Thank You very much!!!!


  7. Fn+Shift+F11 was fantastic! Took me almost an hour to find this I felt hopeless. Thank You!

  8. You are AWESOME! I was really beginning to get frelled off. Thank you.

  9. Awesome, Thanks! I’m also using an apple magic mouse, but I’m left handed. Somehow it doesn’t work properly even when I switch the buttons via mouse settings.

  10. Apple used to have a complete list of Macc keyboard shortcuts that mapped to missing Windows keys.

    It’s no longer on their website, but it’s viewable using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at this URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20141109151359/http://support.apple.com/en-us/ht1171

    Note: That article only mentions the Apple Wireless keyboard, but I believe the shortcuts work on all Apple keyboards.