If you do rigging in Softimage you probably know when trying to Mirror Weights it only pays attention to the last created Symmetry Mapping Template for that model. There’s no interface to append to or join mapping templates. It gets annoying having to recreate them and verify that Soft guessed all the correct symmetrical equivalents, so…

The following Python script iterates through your selected enveloped objects, creates SymmetryMaps if one doesn’t exist, and then goes through their envelope deformers and appends them to the SymmetryMappingTemplate for that model based on the naming convention of prefixing “L_” for left-side and “R_” for right-side objects.

It assumes the following: (and maybe in the future I’ll make the code smarter…)
– Your selected objects all have envelopes.
– Your left-side objects begin with “L_” and the right-side with “R_”.
– All your selected objects belong to the same Model.
– That you don’t have more than one SymmetryMappingTemplate under your model. (It will append to the first one found under the model, and create one if one isn’t found.) I recommend not having one to start with.

Make yourself a button with this:

I might update the code in the future to support multiple models and check if an entry in the template has been added already, but for now this above will have to do.

Hope it’s useful to somebody! 🙂

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  1. Alan, I’ve been using this for months. It’s so useful! Thanks for sharing 🙂